Local Business Marketing-How to Get Customers

How to get customers for your local business is always a hot topic. In this video you’ll learn 5 specific marketing tactics you can use immediately to get customers in the door of your local business.
While we focus on a cupcake business, no matter what you sell, you’ll get ideas you can use now!
#1 – The importance of staying in touch with prospects and customers and why having a business email list is the cheapest and easiest way to do it.
#2 – Why finding local partners to connect to and form with relationships with can sky rocket your reach.
#3 – A specific strategy you can use with social media to attract local customers.
#4 – How to highlight customer testimonials to show social proof.
#5 – Why you need to show people the key ways you are different to stand out in the crowd.
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How To Get Customers: Local Business Marketing

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40 thoughts on “Local Business Marketing-How to Get Customers”

  1. What are the free apps for Android? I have been paying people on Fiverr to make videos for me. I would rather learn to do things for myself.

  2. Knowledge then Judgment العلم ثم الحكم

    Always be creating,
    market yourself in experiments only!!,
    people wants experiments and verification and validation for (not who you are) but what you got for them (product or services testing and exemplifying)

  3. I found that you can cut your email budget to a single payment with the new platforms that has come out. This day my goal is to fix my email platform

  4. Dude you're the first person i can not only stand, but actually get useful info from about marketing a business. you're genuine and know how to explain stuff! You earned yourself a subscriber sir 🙂

  5. Ayana Sioux Art

    My problem isn't knowing what tools/platforms to use, I know what I can use, my issues is knowing what to post to make people want to grab. What content, good ideas. That's my issue. Plus efficient ways because it takes me so long to make graphic design posts, and even longer to come up with an idea.

  6. I honestly have not listened or watched your videos in years but this one was spot on solid and gave me some great ideas for clients. I really do appreciate that humor people who don’t know you need to get to know you because this is always been your brand humor and I love it🔥

  7. Djpharrizle Chiwedza

    Thanks for the informative video, you just made me realize how I need to do a few simple things & remember to have a list of potential businesses I can collaborate with. You are fun, my business is http://www.redcypressclothing.com & watch it grow thanks to your tips. Also find me on Instagram @fashionguyaustralia or @redcypressclothing

  8. I started a small business 2 months ago of
    pressure washing
    window cleaning
    furniture and carpet cleaning
    dryer vent cleaning
    gutter cleaning
    gutter sealant
    gutter guard installatio
    drywall repair
    I have done Craigslist, Facebook, local newspaper and still running slow I know I missing something just don't know what it is

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