2018 Best Marketing Strategies

Want marketing tips to grow your business this year?

Today, I’m sharing the 10 best marketing strategies for 2018.

These are the 10 strategies I’m most excited about this year. Plus, some of my smartest marketing friends are using them too.

If you work in marketing, own a business, or want to start a business, you’ll love these strategies.

After 17 years helping businesses grow (like Facebook, Mint, and AppSumo), I’ve seen a whole bunch of trends. And I know what’s likely to stick or disappear.

To help you focus on what works, here are my 10 biggest marketing strategies for 2018:

0:10 Why YouTube is gonna be even bigger
0:50 LinkedIn will be more important than Facebook or Twitter
1:25 Affiliate marketing (it’s now 10%+ of our company revenue)
2:52 Owning a Facebook group for maximum attention
3:14 Micro-influencer marketing — inexpensive and effective
4:07 Easier viral marketing
4:56 Better email autoresponders
5:46 The next content upgrade: Free software
7:00 Marketing tool recommendation from the founder of ConversionXL
7:35 A second marketing tool recommendation (from the CEO of HubSpot)

Enjoy, and leave a comment below with the marketing strategies YOU’RE trying in 2018.


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20 thoughts on “2018 Best Marketing Strategies”

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  2. Joshua Daniel Vlog

    This year been diving into alot of Jay Abraham and his referral strategies… Basically even when he signs someone up he asks for a referral and just has alot of referral strategies. Thanks for these tips legend.

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  5. you are always funny! thank you for this! I am a devote fan and tell all my podcaster friends about you there like Noah who??? then they get hooked! keep it up I love the results you get and how you share them!

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