5 Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Is Your Small / Medium SIzed Business Doing Enough To Market Itself Online?

Do You Need More Clients or Sales?

Follow These Tips To Succeed With Your Digital Marketing Efforts.

How To Better Your Website: https://youtu.be/4w0-H7iamQk

Tips Covered

There are many many many many reasons why Digital Marketing is incredibly important today and I sort of talked about it in previous videos. But some of the most important reasons ones are:

1. Its more cost effective than “traditional marketing”
2. It levels the playing field for small businesses
3. Its where EVERYBODY’S target market’s attention is on.

Build a Highly Convertible and Professional Website (mobile first)
I’ve spoken about how to better your website in a previous video. But this is really the first step in Digital marketing

Be Present and Rank on Google
Make sure that you are visible and present on google, This used to be it. This was all that people had to do to succeed digitally a few years back. Not the case anymore, it’s still really important as Google is still the King of searching online.

Build your presence and following on Social Media.
Because of Social Proof and Searchability. People are increasingly using social media as social proof where they are looking up companies and pages to see how many followers they have, how many likes they get, and how it is that they interact with people. On top of that, despite google being king, people are using social media to search and find companies and businesses and once they find them they check their stats.

Create content on these social media platforms to drive traffic to your website.
Create Videos / Articles / Pictures / Whatever it is to build your engagement and grow your following but more importantly to showcase expertise and drive traffic to that amazing beautiful website that works so well we talked about at the beginning.

Use Digital Advertising
Sometimes you want a bigger exposure than what your organic marketing efforts are providing. Use social media to amplify the exposure of the content that you create to attract more and more fans. Install a tracking code on your website so that you can re target ads

Learn the basics of SEO or fall behind in the information age.
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