Are You Using Email Marketing – Email Marketing For Our Business?

Regardless of what you sell or the service your provide, you can profit from email marketing. Perhaps, the idea of using it may seem complex, if you are new to the on-line world. Believe it or not, you can create and send email promotions that sell your products or services. By considering the few points below, your customers and/or subscribers will see that you are not here to scam them. Here are the few points to consider:

Opt-in email lists: It’s a list of people who have visited your site and want more information. They have chosen YOU to sell to them.

Valuable lifetime relationships with your customer and/or subscribers: By using this type marketing, you can establish valuable longtime relationships with your customer and subscribers. You are able to contact the people on your list multiple times without the expense of printing and postage. Because these people gave you their email address, they want more information regarding your product and services. Your response ratio will be high, because they want to receive your email promotion.

You can measure your responses: Using email marketing enables you to quickly measure the success of a campaign, usually within a few hours. This will save your time and money.

Cost and time effective: Opt-in email marketing is FREE. This is the best aspect about email marketing. You can contact your customers repeatedly with any promotion. You receive instant sales without spending a large amount of time or money.

Email marketing is becoming a primary method for companies to advertise and sell their products and services. The reason why … because it works and it is effective. Consider these statistics:

Today billions of people have assess to the Internet worldwide.

A majority of usage is by email. In the United States, it sums up to a staggering 95%.

Over 70% receive promotional emails.

Over 70% check their opt-in promotional emails received.

Over 70% check their email first after logging in.

Over 30% immediately make a purchase from the opt-in emails received.

Over 80% make at least one purchase from the opt-in emails received.

Email coupons were redeemed at least by 60% in either an on-line or off-line store.

We give these statistics so you can see the potential profits to be made with email marketing. Yes, email marketing is no hype, it is the real deal. So add it to your business plan.

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