Effective Use of Email Marketing

Any successful company is one which will readily be able to acquire new clients. This may sound like a rather obvious thing to say, however unless you have a regular source of enquiries for your products and services then your business will never get anywhere. Even smaller startup companies will pay thousands of pounds to get their business and services out to the general public. To some business owners this may seem like a waste of money which could be spent on other overheads, however without it these businesses would simply fail. The internet has lowered the barriers to entry significantly for those looking to start up their own company. In order to generate revenue, it is vital that traffic is driven to the business owner’s website. One of the most important marketing tools to do this is email marketing.

Email marketing is useful as it is a cheap and effective means of soliciting new business. Not only is your customer base effectively on your doorstep but you can use your email marketing software to target customers in a specific geographical location and tailor the campaign to meet their particular needs. At the other end of the scale if you are a multinational company then you will be able to target customers from all around the world, sending out thousands of emails. This is especially beneficial in an age where we are all worrying more and more about our carbon footprint as this method of marketing is all completely electronic so there are no bits of paper being sent out to customers homes. All you need to do is to simply click on the ‘send’ button and all your electronic content is sent off to your customer base.

The obvious advantage of such marketing over other advertising channels is that you can take care of everything so quickly. Other methods of advertising rely on a manpower as well as some sort of distribution service in order to get their message to people who could be potentially interested. Advertising with email marketing is immediate and your customer base has easy access to your marketing material.

With all these benefits you can see why email marketing campaigns are such an effective means of internet marketing. As with any kind of advertising it is of course important that you use content effectively and persuasively. If anything it is even more important to have attention grabbing copy as an integral part of your email marketing campaign as attention spans of internet users are extremely short. This will be demonstrated by the fact that even if you send out thusands of emails only a small percentage of recipients will click on them. On the odd occasion a large enough percentage of your customers will react to your campaign, making all of your carefully planned efforts worthwhile.

So if you are thinking of investing in a managed email marketing campaign then make sure you do your market research, know your audience and ensure that your website is full of interesting and informative content so that anyone visiting will have a good reason to sign up to your mailing list!

Trevor Richards writes about online marketing on behalf of Extravision, a UK company specialising in management of email marketing campaigns.

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