Go-to-Marketing Strategies for Startups [HubSpot]

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Kim Walsh, Global VP at HubSpot for Startups, unpacks the key components to a winning GTM strategy for startups. From defining your market and customer to building your product roadmap, she outlines the steps every founder should consider. Kim also uncovers the frameworks needed to enter the market and answer questions on how to evolve your GTM as your startup grows and products evolve.

You’ll learn:
– How to create and measure a go-to-market operating model
– A better understanding of value propositions and how to discover unrealized sales opportunities
– How to test your concepts as you search for a repeatable and scalable sales model
– Insights on pricing and sales model strategies for startups

5 thoughts on “Go-to-Marketing Strategies for Startups [HubSpot]”

  1. Aleksei Birukov

    New business idea 
    1) What is a lucrative business in India (net profit of about $ 100,000 per month)?
    Indian island of Goa is popular in Russia. Many people sell their dwellings in Russia and buy apartments in Goa instead. Many retired people rent their apartments in Russia out, and use the earnings to live in Goa. The demand for purchase or lease of apartments is growing. Could be a profitable investment!

    2) Can foreigners make profit using the forest resources of Russia?

    In various regions of Russia (like Pskov and Novgorod Regions) one can buy chanterelles picked by local people. Just make an agreement with some of the locals who will run a reception station at home, and come two times a week to collect presalted and soaked mashrooms, e.g. to Germany. The net proceeds would be by 15 times greater than the cost.

    3) Which old magazines can offer unrealized brilliant technical ideas for various industries?

    Russian magazine “Nauka i Zhizn” (Science and Life)

    4) What are the pitfalls for construction projects in Russia, and how to avoid them? How to run a profitable construction business in Russia today?

    Unconventional approaches for construction business in Russia, getting building approvals and permits from authorities, technical issues of construction in Russia.
    Outsourcing is a novelty in Russia! This is highly relevant.
    Qualified experts from OOO "Alkor " are available to answer these and many other questions  – Alkor.

    5) Where in Greece there is a need for infrastructure development, and a ready market for professionals and workforce?

    There is a lack of offers to sale food at the beaches of Corfu (Kerkyra) island in Greece (especially in the north of the island). Seasonal workers are always required here, as the island attracts a lot of tourists from Europe.

    6) How to make profit on Sakhalin Island?

    There is a fern specie of extraordinary taste which grows on Sakhalin. It tastes like meat and is most delicious in salads!
    Why not buy it from the locals in barrels are then sell to Japan? The demand exists.

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