How To Use Facebook For Business

How to use Facebook for business. Facebook offers many features and benefits for businesses and that is why it is growing at an accelerated rate. Interestingly,it is now generating more traffic than Google, and is reflecting the fact that social media marketing is here to stay, and would only get stronger. It is now an effective platform for increased brand exposure, traffic and revenue generation.

Create a fan page. If you don’t know how or are unfamiliar with creating a fan page, either hire someone to do it for you or simply follow the instructions that face book provides and they will help you create your business page. I do recommend to at least consult with someone before creating your own page because setting up a fan page is similar to building a house. You’ve got to lay the foundation properly or else the rest of the house just wont be right.

Also following up your message in your subject line for example, should be some type of free Facebook training. You should again refer to them by name and invite them to a free training Webinar or phone conference bridge to learn how to generate tons of leads. After this, you can funnel them to your landing page as you have built this relationship based on free education which gets a better response.

Create a community around your business and join groups and communities. Update your profile page on a regular basis and offer incentives to your fans. Search for new ways to attract people! Provide interesting information and show yourself interested in other people business.

Facebook was created based on the concept of connecting with friends. You can send and receive “friend requests” and once accepted, your friend can view your profile and you can view theirs. To begin connecting with people that you know, you can either import your address book/ contact database, or you can also search Facebook for individual people.

Notes and Photos – you can share photos and blog posts and by ‘tagging’ they can appear in your friends’ News Feed. This is not an opportunity for you to broadcast your stock product photos. You need to be creative in everything you do. It is the unusual and different that gets passed on. Bore them and you will be ‘disconnected’.

However, it looks like Facebook is going to teach that lesson much quicker. The company has added a new feature to the Friend Request popping up a statement that says, “If you send a friend request to a stranger, it will be considered spam, and your friend request will be blocked temporarily.”

Actually Use Facebook. Many businesses just sign up and think that’s all you need to do, well, that’s not enough. Facebook is a vibrant community where people check in often throughout the day, if they connect with your business and like what you do, you can’t just sit back and pat yourself on the back, you need to engage them. Ask them questions about one of your products, maybe send them a quiz and reward people who fill it out with a gift certificate, etc.

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