How to Use New Media Tools to Market Your Business Online

Are you using the Internet as much as you could be to your market your website? The Internet is full of great marketing opportunities that are practically free. All you need to do is be creative and think outside the box. New media tools are always being developed for use on the Web and many of these new tools can be used to market your website. In fact, many of them are developed partially as a way of marketing other material found around the Web. In order to get ahead of the millions of other Websites that are going to be competing with yours for the attention of potential customers you will need to embrace these new media tools and develop marketing strategies that incorporate them as a way to reach new markets.

Just because something is new doesn’t make it automatically effective though. Lots of Internet entrepreneurs make the mistake of jumping on every new media tool that comes out and trying to use it to market their website without waiting to see if it’s going to catch on or not. In order to avoid wasting your resources on tools that aren’t going to be effective it’s a good idea to wait until you hear some buzz starting about a particular new media tool and then pounce. That way you won’t be wasting your time but you’ll be getting in on the new tool before your competitors.

So what are the hot new media tools that you should be using right now? Here are just a few:

Social networking – Web 2.0 is all about personal interaction and people spend more on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook than they do on surfing the Web aimlessly. You should have profiles on all the major social networking sites for your business and you should be actively participating in those sites in order to keep the interest high in your business.

Video marketing – Video marketing is one of the newest trends when it comes to Internet marketing. Most households these days have high speed Internet connections or use the Internet at libraries and coffee shops that have high speed connections so viewing videos is possible for almost all Internet users. Video marketing makes it possible for you to draw customers into your Website immediately and advertise your Website in a personal way that fits the Web 2.0 model of making the Internet personal.

Podcasting – If you’re not Podcasting yet, why not? Podcasting is easy and cheap to do and very effective at marketing a Website. With just a mic and free sound editing software you can create a Podcast that sells your Website or your product while giving information to customers. Interested customers can subscribe to your website to find out when updated Podcasts are available which gives you more names to add to your email marketing list. Customers can download Podcasts to their computers or their cell phones, making them the perfect way to reach people that aren’t sitting home on their computers all day but like to stay connected through the Web.

Social Networking sites are the most trafficked sites in the world today and are growing.
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