How to Use Offline Marketing Effectively

With the invention of the internet came the vast decline of offline advertisements, with the exception of television ads. In fact so much offline advertisement has almost become an untapped market. When was the last time you saw your competitors business card in the on your window shield?

Now you may ask what type of affiliate advertisement methods I am referring to. I suggest business cards, flyers, posters, lawn signs and classified ads. Please note while these methods are powerful they are somewhat unconventional and unused, which is good for you!

Business cards or drop cards as we call them, have become highly neglected in this day and age, but they still prove highly effective. Have you ever gotten one of those “drop cards” in your windshield wipers? It was annoying wasn’t it? Being strategically placed as it is (on your window), it forced you to look at it. As annoying as it may seem it proves highly effective, because you looked at it. One report even estimated that one out of ten people will actually look you up on the web! That is a 10% ctr if you will. Which is far more than any form of web advertisement, which is close to one percent.

If you are like myself you may feel a bit strange handing out business cards to people either directly or indirectly. One suggestion is to get your friends involved with the business. Convincing your fellow associates may not be as hard as you think, with the promise of either pay by commission or by pay per hour. Higher them to do your dirty work-handing out flyers, brochures, etc.

Classified ads in a newspaper are an example of simple and cost effective advertising. There is nothing fancy about them, all you need is about 100 dollars and a good headline. Even though this may seem a bit outdated it still really works. The key to making a successful ad is to be market specific.

What I mean is that you need to make the headline and ad very specific to the type of people you want to attract. This may seem very obvious but you would be surprised to see how many people make this mistake.

One example is I was using Google AdWords (it is a pay per click advertisement site) I will assume most people will know what that is. Anyway the product I was promoting was a streaming movie site that charged 20-30 dollars for unlimited movie-watching time online. I ended up losing money off the site, why? Because in my add I used the words “free movies”.

If I was browsing the web looking for movies but had no intention to actually pay for those movies and I encountered the add that referred to free movies would I suddenly have a change of heart and decide to pay? No more likely I would feel tricked and bounce. The same principle applies to classified advertisements. Be specific and make it catchy, stand out. I once encountered someone who said they had over 11 thousand hits in the last three hours but hadn’t sold a single product. As a closing word, if you have not already designed a product or starting promoting a product the two biggest markets of today are small business owners and business opportunities.

Devin Kerns is a Junior in high school by day and a top notch affiliate marketer by night. If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about affiliate marketing I suggest you check out this website:

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