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I heard a young guy ask his grandmother the other day if she tweets? She said “No but sometimes I toot!” I don’t think that is what he had in mind. Twitter is one of the largest growing social media sites on the web. If you don’t have a presence on Twitter for your small business then you are missing a huge opportunity. Tweets are 140 character messages which are displayed on a users page and the pages of the people who follow you. All your customers, suppliers, dealers, and colleagues should be following you.

Here are some misconceptions about Twitter that small business owners make:

Twitter is for teenagers! I am not talking about you sitting around telling the world about what you had for breakfast or about your favorite skateboard. Twitter is a very exciting, fast paced way to promote yourself and talk about new products and services. Twitter is the fastest growing site on the web and companies like Starbucks, JetBlue, Comcast, The Home Depot, and Best Buy devote a lot of time and effort to tweeting. This isn’t just for kids.

Twitter doesn’t matter! After my last paragraph do I really have to address this, well here are the reasons that Twitter does matter. Over time this thing is going to expand and grow until one day people will wonder how we got by without tweeting. Two, your potential customers will see your company as savvy if you have a presence on Twitter. Three, Google is now indexing your tweets. That means that your special offers and news about your company will show up on the search engines. That means more business for you.

I don’t have time for Twitter! There is no greater waste of time than social media sites if you don’t learn how to plan your tasks and budget the time you spend on there. You can click around endlessly on these sites and waste a few hours. I try to spend less than 15 minutes a day on social media, but I pack a lot in that time. I make every effort to get in and out, not wasting valuable time on there. I have goals before I go in and I accomplish them and leave. I would say to be a competitive small business you don’t have time to not be on Twitter.

Social media is something that just a few years ago didn’t even exist. With Twitter it was started by three college dropouts. They wanted the world to communicate through short, text like messages. Currently over 175 million people tweet every single day and it continues to grow. You are living in the past if you think that your business will survive the next decade without it having a presence in social media.

For the next decade you are going to need to be Twitter-savvy. If you want to grow your business I have put all my secrets on a special site that you can access right now for free. I may come to my sense soon and start charging people, but today you can go without any charge. Visit Secrets For Local Businesses There you will learn how to use the net to grow your local small business.

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