Is a Marketing Degree Worth It? (BRUTALLY Honest)

In this video I explain how the average Marketing Curriculum at colleges is completely out of touch with the realities of the job market, and why so many young people are wasting time and money on these degrees. I also go in depth and explain why getting a “Digital Marketing” degree is extremely inefficient and what to do instead. –
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20 thoughts on “Is a Marketing Degree Worth It? (BRUTALLY Honest)”

  1. Seth, I have a BS in Nursing and I want to transition into pharmaceutical sales. All the big companies expect a degree in marketing or MBA. Would your courses be helpful for someone getting into pharma sales?

  2. So whats your thoughts on Management Information Systems? Just changed my degree from Computer Science to MIS and not sure how I feel about my decision. I mainly changed my degree because I am more interested in "information systems"/buisness side rather than coding for the rest of my life

  3. I am much in sympathy with your scathing attacks on the college system. I am "highly educated" (Masters degree) and an older person. I appreciate that my college education left me educated, but on the other hand it didn't necessarily give job skills. Is it worth having the bondage of oppressive debt to be "educated? There is a lot of deception of students acquiring heavy debt thinking it will pay off later on the job, and finding bitterly they can't get a good job.

  4. My friend is sitting at home after graduating with a businesses and marketing. He eats McDonald's and is always trying to one up people subliminally or through buying cheap things that he in his mind thinks are expensive or even useful.

  5. I am still hoping to find a job in this field but for who of those that live in far areas it will be more difficult; I have many interviews an have done Seth course. I get many calls from Cali, TX, AZ and place like Denver, LA, and San Diego but I live in NM it seem to scare many of them away cause so many want in house. I am still trying since October reason is I am hoping to be like the others. I continue to grow my knowledge doing udemy courses that Seth recommends an as well I gotten the my google adwords cert.

  6. I have a Marketing degree (more than $30,000) and used Zero % and make 0 dollars. Seth's Digital Marketing Course: $97 use everyday making more $ than any Marketing ROI ever especially if you consider lifetime value. Get this course!

  7. I can't wait for your review on the Udacity DM Nano degree program. I've been eager to hear your stance on it since it first developed. There's also a similar course on Coursera.

  8. Hey Seth I got a question, do you think I should take this course although there are no jobs for digital marketing in my country (Guyana, this is South America, and its a country considered to be apart of the Caribbean)

  9. I wonder if it would be wise to bring to an interview a list of all the classes in a marketing degree to show how useless they are if they actually insist on you having one.

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