Network Marketing Online

Well, If you want the honest truth then Network Marketing cannot be done solely online. If your looking to become an online guru then that’s great, you go do that. The truth is that the real money is not in sponsoring, its in duplication. With that being said, online marketing is just not duplicatable. You cant teach your entire team to market on the Internet. The Internet is just a tool, it shouldn’t be your primary marketing solution.

Most people aren’t tech savvy which means they wont be able to market on the Internet. All these new school companies popping up who claim its easy to build a business on the Internet, they never last. All those companies who try teach their reps to market online, they just dont work. A lot of people dont even know how to use their computers so limiting your business to only online, is a stupid mistake.

Another reason is that’s there’s not enough traffic on the Internet. There is under a million MLM/Network Marketing related search terms every month online. Theres not enough traffic for everyone to have their piece of the pie. Plus, there is a way bigger market offline. If you market it right, you can tap into the entire population offline. The possibilities are endless offline, you market a home business opportunity to anyone.

Why limit you and your team to the Internet when you grow a business ten times fast offline. Offline marketing is simple and its easy to duplicate throughout your team. The power of offline marketing is huge so dont try and build your business solely online. Online marketing is great but not everyone can do it. If your serious about making a full time income in this industry then you need to market offline.

You need massive duplication and the only way to duplicate, is through offline marketing.

There are all kinds of offline marketing techniques in Network Marketing. Some of the biggest teams in this industry have been built through handing out CDs, DVDs and even business cards. If you record quick audio of you presenting your opportunity and hand it out to 10 people a week. You should be able to sponsor at least 1 of them every week. Then if you have them hand out the CD through their warm market, you can grow a multi million dollar team in no time!

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