Offline Marketing Proves Profitable For Offline Consultants

Offline marketing requires that you have a working knowledge of skills such as working with autoresponders, creating a pay per click (PPC) campaign in Google AdWords, basic search engine optimization, website creation and design, writing articles and press releases along with other related internet marketing skills.

At first glance, all the above skills might make it look like you aren’t qualified to do offline consulting, however, there is an easy solution. Many internet marketers have been working with local business owners as offline consultants and accomplishing the above tasks by hiring them out, a process known as “outsourcing”. In this situation you become a middle man by selling the project, organizing the project and maintaining the project while being dependent on the people you hire to outsource the work (remember to make adjustments in pricing when outsourcing).

An “Offline Consultant” will only be of benefit if they can increase the exposure and sales for the local businessman by taking him online and providing services like:

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Keyword Research
– PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising
– Article Marketing
– Press Releases
– Having An Autoresponder Setup

I’m sure you realize offline marketing doesn’t consist of only the above services. You’ll make more money if you know how to perform these services yourself and you can easily find pages of tutorials by searching on Google. Another Google search you should consider is one that searches for prices other offline marketers are charging so you can be prepared when presenting your package!

Promoting your offline marketing services is just a matter of basics marketing and promoting by distributing business cards, knocking on doors, passing out fliers and brochures, putting an ad in your local paper, posting ads in Craigslist and just about any method of advertising you can think of that will get you and your Offline Consulting Business in front of local business people. You will be surprised how easy it really is because there is a great need for local businesses to have an online presence and you, my friend, can be the answer.

You can also capitalize or make money on your understanding of offline marketing by creating a video series, e-book or small report on any aspect of offline marketing such as, setting up autoresponders. If you know a lot about setting up an “Aweber Autoresponder” you could explain all the steps involved in setting up an autoresponder for offline business clients and even further explain what options the local business owner has when setting up an autoresponder. Now, if you were explaining how to use Aweber you could use your affiliate link and you could actually put together 2 reports, one report would be directed to the offline marketer and the other could be to inform the local business owner.

The local business man or woman really needs what you have to offer which makes the offline niche very profitable for those who go out and work it. Offline marketing could be one of the most real and attainable business ventures you’ve looked at since you’ve been online!

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