Online Business Courses Offer The First Step For Career In Entertainment

In the course of the year, various high-profile events occur that you hear of, attend, watch, or at least envy. For example, the Grammy’s, the World Baseball Classic, or even the Beyonc tour that has a show in your town. Even daily events like the news and sitcoms are carefully orchestrated. All of these events could not have happened overnight. They take careful planning and oversight, even after the event itself. From party planners, to public relations and marketing specialists and event day coordinators, it takes an army to produce a single event, especially the high-profile and sports events. Getting into sports and entertainment management can be a fast-paced and rewarding job, but getting into the field can be competitive and nigh impossible if you don’t have the right education credentials. Online business courses and degree programs can help you get that competitive edge, even while you work full-time or raise a family.

Online programs have options such as production assistants, special events managers, media program directors, media operations managers, and athletic directors at colleges and universities. You can attain degrees from associate to doctorate level. Most of these require that person have a special knowledge of a certain sector or area in that particular field, since most people will work within a specialized range. Without any prior experience, a bachelor’s degree is needed to just even consider getting into the offices, but for those that have prior experience and are looking for advancement while still working, a moreadvanced degree is a great avenue to take.

There is a projected growth of 20 percent for this intriguing sector of business management, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The middle 50 percent of those in this field made anywhere from $ 38,450 to $ 100,280, and the top 10 percent made upwards of $ 166,400 annually. If the numbers alone don’t convince you, then the perks of the field will. Those in these professions often work with celebrities and famous sports figures; they also can be instrumental in getting new talent onto the headlines. So that one celebrity, whether author, actor or sports star, that you see getting pictures in front of the paparazzi probably has a team of people who are responsible from everything to their schedule, to the interviews and tours that they take. Depending on the particular field that you are in, you might be traveling a lot as well – both nationally and internationally. If all of this sounds better than the job you are at now, and fits with what you see yourself doing in a few years’ time, then attending online business courses in one or more of these fields can get you there quicker.

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