Online Digital Marketing Course – Digital Marketing Orientation Session – Learn the Fundamental Concepts of Digital Marketing. In this session you will learn about the basic concepts, strategies, benefits and goals in digital marketing. Like, Comment and Share video with friends!

Trainer: Mohammed Azharuddin, Who has 9+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and Web Technologies.

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My Top 7 Internet Marketing Courses That I've Benefited From

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I’ve been through a lot of internet marketing courses throughout the years. I’m always investing in myself, learning and implementing what I learn to the best of my ability.

There’s a few courses and programs that have really made the BIGGEST difference in my online business journey. These are the ones that have benefitted ME the most and really helped me to get to where I’m at today.

Will these internet marketing courses be helpful for you? Maybe. I’m not entirely sure. Some of the courses mentioned are ones that I invested in years ago, where the information may not be as relevant today. Others I know of have evergreen concepts, which can be universally applied to any business and doesn’t require updating.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that some of these online courses have been helpful for me at different stages of my business. Whether they’ll be helpful for you or not will depend on the type of business that you’re in and what stage you’re at.

With that being said, these are the top 7 internet marketing courses that have benefitted me. Enjoy!


My Top 7 Internet Marketing Courses That I’ve Benefited From





Morning Ritual Mastery:
Kindle Money Mastery:
24 Hour Book:
Life Mastery Book:
Kindle Marketing Secrets:



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  1. i spend amount 6000 on online to learn digital marketing but in that course didn't learned any thing they cheated me it is named as DIGITAL PROFIT COURSE they cheated me fully. i have lot of interest to learn digital market i saw this video this is very helpful information. please share link of next 2 continue videos to study in my home I am from kadapa. studing bsc 2nd year. please share link. thank u very much for ur valuable information ever listened . please keep posting videos on youtube about digital marketing. this is helpful to distant people also.

  2. I am a btech cse student sir and I am not able to go outside to do work but is it possible that I can do this at home . I just need a job what should I do to get one 😳😳😳

  3. Jazakallah Brother for this informative video,please addressee two of my below question
    1) is there in any ranking for paid marketing
    2) why now a days company more focus on web analytics than SEO

  4. can u do a video talking about how to build a website that allows people to come and sell there products on your site. and how to drive traffic to them

  5. Thanks Stefan, some really useful information here. Do you have a video covering the key concepts/big ideas in these courses? Would be really useful to hear your overview, insights and ways you applied it to your businesses.

  6. Hi Stefan,

    in Nov 2015 I bought your course Kindle Money Mastery and since February 2016 I have been earning 2000-2500 € per month. A good start thank to your course as well:)

    thank you for your helpful hints. What do you think about these courses ?

    thank you for your great and inspiring work!


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