Small Business Customer Rewards Program & Marketing Solution Take Advantage of Four Key Small Business Marketing Trends
Web & Mobile Directory Sites – 100% mobile-friendly directory, Our Clickable Offers Attract New Customers, search engine optimization built in, social media sharing integrated, and we capture emails for you on your claimed offers.

Email & SMS Marketing – Capture Emails & Phone Numbers using our marketing system. Follow up regularly with your special event, new promotions or offers and drive customers back into your business on autopilot.

Customer Rewards Program – Our digital customer loyalty program rewards existing customers, helps attract new prospects, integrates and incentivives Social Media sharing on special discounts, and we track EVERYTHING for you!

Social Media & Online Reviews – Being able to communicate electronically with clients allows you to get more Facebook Likes, Shares, and Follows, more Video & website views, and more reviews from sites like Yelp, Google Plus, Facebook or Angie’s List.

We help you optimize the impact of capturing customer data, and we’ll help you build your business online like never before using this key feature.

Send Birthday Offers Out To The Entire Marketing Pool’s Email Database:

Shared Email Leads – Regularly promote your special events & coupon offers to the entire pool’s email database…take advantage of this massive leverage!

Birthday Coupons – Send out your birthday coupon and/or half-birthday coupon to the entire email database. We’ll schedule the offer in our system and it will automatically email it on your
customer’s birthday!

Promo Kit – We’ll provide you with a promo flyer that you can place at your register that has a the pitch to scan the QR code or go to our website to opt-in and get special local coupons on your birthday and on a regular basis.

Track Coupon Redemptions & Award Loyalty Points
Customers present the email offer or birthday offer on their phone to your cashier, and your cashier enters your confidential merchant PIN on the customer’s phone to redeem.

The redemption is then tracked by the system and the customer is awarded the number of loyalty points that you specify.

Award Points For Leaving Reviews & Referring Friends
Points are awarded only when the review is approved and only when the friend actually makes a purchase.
The confidential merchant PIN entry at the point of sale ensures that customers cannot game the system.

No expensive equipment is necessary you. No scanning QR codes.

No loyalty cards are needed.

All you or your employees need to know is your confidential merchant PIN number!

Email Rewards When Certain Goals Are Reached
You can set up reward emails to go out when a customer hits a certain points level, like 10 points, 20 points, 30 points, etc…, and the system will automatically reset the points to zero whenever you specify for an ongoing experience for the customer.

All the activity is placed right in front of the customer so they can see that they will actually get a reward for taking action vs. having to jump through hoops and never actually being rewarded, which is the typical experience with other complicated or inconvenient loyalty programs.

Once the offers and rewards are set up, it runs virtually on auto-pilot!
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