Small Business Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Small business email marketing can be a great tool for increasing your sales, but you have to know how to use it correctly. All too often what happens is that small businesses use email marketing as a way to make sales because they are afraid of being rejected in person. However, by avoiding that direct contact you can actually lower your sales because the relationship is lacking trust. Direct contact is always preferred to establish trust.

Luckily, you can still establish that trust with people when using email marketing, but you have to learn what to avoid.

One of the worst things that you can do is include your business name in the subject line. When people see a business name in the subject line they usually delete the email without even reading it. Because they tend to think that all you care about is selling them your product.

Even though your main goal is to sell your product, you must first show your potential client that you care about them and not just about making the next sale. Instead, what you want to include in your subject line is a subtle message that addresses any issues that you can help your potential clients solve.

Something else that you need to be careful of when using email messages is: you hiding behind these emails. The goal for any business owner is to create a relationship with a prospective client.

This can only be achieved by directly talking with them at some point. With emails it is easy to avoid contacting others because you don’t feel the pressure to respond.

Additionally, by not having a conversation your prospective client will avoid any sales pressure which typically makes them feel very uncomfortable, e.g. selling something over the phone.

So to prevent this hiding game from taking center stage, you want to create pressure free conversations with your client and those can easily be started in your email messages.

In your email you want to avoid using certain phrases or terms because they can scare your potential clients away. The two terms that you really want to stay away from are “I” and “we”.

Using those terms will make it sound like you are only interested in selling your product rather than solving your clients problem. Instead try using a dialogue style in your email messages. You must poke your prospects interest first before you can sell.

How to get their interest? Well, what are they thinking about? Talk about the problem they have. You must enter the conversation that goes on in their head. If I’m hungry for a steak, you most likely won’t have a chance if you want to sell me ice cream.

By creating a dialogue, your customers will be less likely to view your email as spam and will feel less pressured. And this of course will lower your chance of having your emails flagged and never read.

One of the obvious tricks to small business email marketing is writing emails that your customers are going to read instead of delete. Try above mentioned suggestions and you might be pleasantly surprised to receive feedback from your clients or get th


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