Small Business Marketing 101: Creating a Marketing Plan

Table of Contents:

Smart Marketing Tip #1: Asking the right questions: (2:20)

Smart Marketing Tip #2: You’re not selling a product feature, you’re selling a product benefit (11:44)

Smart Marketing Tip #3: Your channels should support each other (22:17)

Smart Marketing Tip #4: Relevant messages = better response (23:23)

Smart Marketing Tip #6: Marketing is about profitability, not sales (26:02)

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Are you looking for guidance on how to properly grow your business and you need a marketing 101 crash course? Today is your lucky day! In this video i’m giving away marketing tips for small business owners.

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21 thoughts on “Small Business Marketing 101: Creating a Marketing Plan”

  1. I mean, this introduction/method thingy is alright but people aren't going to spend that much time on it. I made a better video on my channel with proof and steps in the description.

  2. nice video.. good talk & precise slides also here i found this useful for marketing content creation wikipedia content marketing was Renkarter Content Curation Report – search google if you like

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    I'd like to briefly elaborate on Smart Marketing Tip #2; The reason I agree with this tip is because what your prospective customers/clients are searching for are solutions that solve their problems. They aren't thinking about a single product feature. The bottom line is that they have a problem that they want to eliminate ASAP. Besides, a product feature doesn't connect emotionally to your prospects, because they envision relief. Great set of tips… Bravo!

  5. Alexis ascencio

    Very informative, I'm starting a career in real estate and also starting a clothing line. Marketing all ties in together, I love the way she explains this lecture. It's very important to be able to dissect your customers/clients by knowing everything about them, ultimately benefit you.

  6. Marketingplan and businessplan are really essentiell.You have to know who your customer are also your competitor. What is your aim?Presentation?Sale? Good luck.

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    You on point….again. It's amazing how many customers get turned off by excessive funneling attempts just to get to the checkout page.

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