How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

Posted in Social Media, Social Media Strategies on December 1, 2017
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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business


This video teaches you how to use instagram to promote your business. You will also learn how to get more instagram followers and the trick to get instagram followers for your business. If you want to grow your instagram this video will help!

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40 Responses to “How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business”

  1. Victoria Films says:

    i m just gonna ask smoothie

  2. Frank Gadson says:

    Fantastic video I'm new too the Instagram community in the process of gathering information on promoting my image consultant business you talked about hash tags and I've seen them often not sure if I understand the effectiveness can you give more input thanks

  3. Nangamso Mpampampa says:

    I created my account earlier this year and I've been seating at 300Followers which keep decreasing by 5.Can a expect check my account and advice where and what I'm doing wrong? critisicm allowed TIA

  4. joie gahum says:

    Theres a tool called hashatory

  5. Angie Ravenel says:

    I subbed fellow YouTuber. Great content and tips. Thanks!!😊

  6. Francisco Cornejo says:

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  7. SunSunASMR says:

    I'm strange af you got that right hun

  8. Rizwan Naeem says:

    Guys i heard that katy used IGROCKET d o t c o m to get followers

  9. Durjoy Ruram says:

    Omg love it

  10. Bouquets by Nicole says:

    Awesome video......thanks

  11. Abdulwahid Eid says:

    I wish one day i can talk like you 30 minutes non stop, wow, amazing. Anyhow thanks alot for valuable ideas

  12. Carla says:

    Android is Google...

  13. Deluxe Services says:

    I prefer to access my Instagram account from my pc, it gives me a lot more options

  14. Bloggin Brandi says:

    Great Instagram tips and tricks Alexis as always!

  15. Pei Chun Lin says:

    A lot of ranting!

  16. VA Team says:

    If you want to promote your business with Instagram, the best of best.

  17. Najee Britt says:

    Thank you I want to be a entrepreneur

  18. Theresa DeMartin says:

    Thank you for making Instagram clear to me! So happy to find you!

  19. Crystal Kay Creations says:

    I want to truly say thank you for the information that you share. As a single mother looking to start a business you are truly helping to figure out what I need to be doing. Your amazing

  20. A. Plus says:

    Thank you Chris! This video was awesome. Very informative. Love the content. keep it up.

  21. Patricia Stroughter says:

    Your video was very helpful! It can be helpful to anyone else who is trying to grow their business through social media. I don't see how anyone couldn't like it. Although you have over 12K likes and over 17K subscribers from people who watched your video, only God knows how many people you are really helping. Keep up the great work! You are a blessing to more people than you know! Be BLESSED!

  22. Arpit Sharma says:

    @arpitsha6 is my Instagram account, by profession I'm a certified Sports Nutritionists.

  23. KirbyDTrim says:

    Hi Chris! Follow me @kirbydtrim

  24. Daoud Davis says:


  25. JUST the Average Guy says:

    Higher_knowledge4u is my ig thank you for the info , if u could DM with some advice and I’ll shout you out like the holy grail lol

  26. iSOLACIUM says:

    Instagram - @isolacium - really not getting the followers we'd hoped so far. Your video is awesome so thanks 🙂

  27. Amber O'Brien says:

    This was a really helpful video. Thank you! I make greeting cards & magnets with funny & sarcastic quotes. I think your stratgies are going to help me a lot!

  28. Journey Maps Live and Local says:

    Love the tips man! Smashing the bell on the way out! Peace

    Exploring Local Businesses

  29. Larry Horat says:

    First time viewer. Brand new to Instagram. Great stuff Chris!!! Thanks! sandiegoresidualincome

  30. Peter Parrella says:


  31. Mama diaries with Lizzy Kingi says:

    Thank you for the tips and @thelizzyeditionau

  32. Sean Ugly says:

    you made this in 2016?

  33. Wingsville Nigeria says:


  34. King Budu says:


  35. Buck Beats says:

    Just liked an subscribed! Follow me _Dannywarbucks

  36. MountainsideClothing says:


  37. BagzDepot says:

    our instagram is @bagzdepot. thanks for the tips!

  38. Roxana Bogdan says:

    thanks for the content Kubby!

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