Strategy for Marketing a Service Based Business

Imagine if you could easily market your service based business without a huge budget or hiring a marketing agency to understand all the ways to advertise.

Without marketing you can’t get Anything. Small Business Marketing Strategies to get 100% Profit in Your small Business. Watch Our Popular Videos –

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Small Business Marketing Strategies to Get 100% Profit.

1. Set a Goal and a Budget
2. Pay to Play – Spend money to earn money.
3. Capitalize on Google’s Local Offerings
4. Champion One Social Channel
5. Email Marketing
6. Publish a Blog
7. Do Keyword Research for SEO
8. Share Your Knowledge
9. Network, Leverage Local
10. Survey, Listen, Learn
11. Apply for Awards
12. Revisit Your Landing Pages
13. Be Different

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  1. Fantastic content, tons of great ideas in this video. Not to hate on you at all but the music was a little too loud and busy, sometimes distracted me from what you were saying. Maybe drop the levels a bit. But that’s my opinion and no disrespect meant at all! #subscribed

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    Excellent Stuff….Young Man….I am going to watch this again…I Thank You Sir for taking the time and making the effort to do this truly informative video Be Blessed,Be Safe…"Olde Dude"

  3. Not sure when you started this channel but you deserve way more subscribers and views! Excellent content, with practicable points that can be implemented to grow a small business. Keep on the great work!

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