Top 15 Small Business Marketing Strategies 2020

Learn to build a super-profitable business without any office or employees –

Do you want the most cutting edge small business marketing strategies for 2020? This is the video for you. I go deep into the following 15 ideas:

#1 – Productise Your Services
#2 – Funnelise Your Entire Business
#3 – Start Weekly Webinars
#4 – Go LIVE On Facebook & YouTube
#5 – Plan Your Campaign Calendar (Month Wise Themes)
#6 – Run An “ASK CAMPAIGN”
#7 – Partner With 10 Influencers
#8 – Perfect Your Existing Product or Service
#9 – Create & Launch An Online Course
#10 – Become An Author
#11 – Get Activate On YouTube
#12 – Master Facebook Advertising
#13 – Attend Personal Development Seminars
#14 – Declutter Your Lifestyle
#15 – Join Local Networking Communities

Implementing even one of the above ideas can help you massively scale up your business within a few weeks.

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  1. How to sell payroll and attendance software to cooperate and company?
    I am ready to go but no idea to how it's possible to sell and from where I can start.

  2. Super useful… 👌 plz explain how to make YouTube videos while alot is already there on YouTube n the content can't be changed like a chapter of a book

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