Marketing strategies for small business

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Marketing strategies for small business, if done right can substantially increase your business.

I don't see marketing strategy as advertisement, I see it as the entire journey of your target market from prospect to the customer.

In this video I have discussed how to market your business in the right way in this day and age.

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7 Responses to “Marketing strategies for small business”

  1. BIMvX Virtual Construction Partner says:

    Yes, i have a product which is in the market already.(Home Automation Systems)


    hi ! just want to contact you . having organistion

  3. Kerry John says:

    I am in orthopaedic implant business which in combination of products and services. Need your inputs.

  4. technical repair all says:

    nice veduo

  5. Brij Bhushan says:

    First, I want to thanks to you for sharing such a knowledgeable video about how to grow business by using such effective marketing strategies for a small business thank you very much again.


  6. Dontek Jaya says:


  7. Nikunj makadia says:

    yes sir i m selling stainless steel products

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