Using Mobile Advertising To Build Your Network Marketing Business

What is Mobile Marketing? As you are probably aware, in recent years the Internet capabilities of the mobile phone have grown tremendously. It is now possible to download and play music, games and videos, as well as conducting general web browsing whilst on the move.

Mobile advertisers are now able to promote themselves in a number of ways including, banner advertising, SMS advertising, and in the form of media played before user requested content is provided.

With mobile Internet becoming almost as user friendly as PC based Internet, companies are now able to advertise in all the same ways they are on desktop Internet.

However, at this point in time there are some major differences between normal Internet advertising and mobile advertising, and those differences are very exciting, extremely powerful, and should have you chomping at the bit to make mobile advertising a big part of your network marketing strategy.

Advantages of Mobile Advertising. Let me ask you a question. How many people do you know that do not have a mobile phone? My guess is almost everybody you know has at least one mobile phone, if not more.

Some figures suggest in fact that mobile phones actually outnumber home desktop computers by around 4 to 1! That should give you an idea of the immense amount of people that mobile advertisers have access to.

The potential audience that you have when advertising in this way far exceeds what you can expect from home Internet advertising, and yet billions of dollars is spent on that medium of marketing every year.

Right now mobile Internet advertising is still quite new, and that gives the savvy business person (like you) an amazing opportunity. There is still very low competition within the mobile marketing business, and not only does this mean you have more chance of getting your advertising message in front of the masses, but it also means you can do it for a very low cost.

Remember the early days of pay per click advertising where you could pick up some pretty high competition keywords from Google, and didn’t have to pay more than a few cents per click for them? Those same clicks probably cost the same advertisers a few dollars today because of the dramatic increase in competition.

Mobile marketing is at a stage of its life where the cost of getting your ads seen by potentially millions of people is very cost effective. So much so that even small businesses can, and should get involved. There has not been a better time to start using this form of marketing.

The earlier you begin to start developing your mobile marketing strategy, the quicker you can beat your competition to the punch, and strike while the iron is still smoldering hot.

Building my email list with mobile marketing has been extremely inexpensive

Building my email list with mobile marketing has been extremely inexpensive at a cost of only a few pennies per click. For detailed instruction on how to build your network marketing business using mobile advertising, check out Mobile List Building.

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